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The Wanted Teachers.


This blog will no longer be updating.  I have very much so moved on from this and just uhm.. left it hanging here for a very long time.  I started this blog when I was is a very different place and it was a brilliant escape to focus on.  I’m very grateful that, while it lasted, I received a lot of lovely feedback and suggestions. Thank you all so much! Feel free to unfollow this blog.. I’m not going to delete it (for now) but maybe in the far future it may go.  Thanks! 

4 months ago on 4 May 2014 @ 7:26am
do you have any links to dirty tw fanfic?;)

I don’t read many tw fanfics but shazlovestw has a really good one and i—see—you ‘s fanfic is brilliant. :)

2 years ago on 15 April 2012 @ 10:58am 1 note
please please part3!!! >.<

Soooonn~ ;)

2 years ago on 14 April 2012 @ 8:05pm
hey i just started a new dirty fan fiction, do you mind reading it, if it's good, cos like your blog is asdfghjl amazing so i'd love feed back from you xx

I just read it and it’s brilliant! Really well written and the filthy parts are great ;)  Everyone go read her fanfic! x

2 years ago on 14 April 2012 @ 8:03pm
Love it as usual ;) And from that last ask you answered, you promise it'll be pure smut, when isn't it ;) x

Thank you! Ahahaa ;D x

2 years ago on 14 April 2012 @ 10:38am

very very soon! And i promise you it will be pure smut! ;)

2 years ago on 13 April 2012 @ 10:31pm

2 years ago on 13 April 2012 @ 4:05pm

Mr. George {Part 2};

*Lucy’s Point of View*

Both of us got out of Mr.George’s car shutting the doors behind us then made our way up the path to his house. I looked around to see if anyone was watching whilst the teacher got out his keys and opened the front door.The street was quiet, a few cars parked along either side of the road.

He stepped inside his house, i followed, removing my coat and slipping off my shoes. Mr. George turned on the spot with a welcoming smile and i smiled back in return. I looked around his house. It was big but cosy. A few pictures scattered along the house, on the walls and on some shelves. ‘Shit. I don’t have any clothes with me’, I said, worrying what i would where that night.

'You'll just have where nothing then, won't you'? He replied with a cheeky wink. 'You can borrow one of my t-shirts for the mornin”, He added as he sat down on the sofa in the front room.

Light streamed in through the windows, lighting the whole room. The tv opposite the sofa was huge with an Xbox below it.

I sat next to him as he switched on the TV. He began flicking through channels, nothing really good on. ‘You ‘wanna watch a film’? The teacher asked, pointing to the stack of DVD’s near the TV.

'Alright'. I agreed with a small grin before he got up to put one on. He knelt down and looked through the large stack, making small expressions as he did so. He picked one and pushed it into the DVD player then resumed his seat next to me.

I hadn’t seen the film before but it looked pretty good. My head rested on his side, his arm firmly around me. I sighed happily. I felt cosier than i had ever felt before.


We were about half way through the film. Sleep was slowly creeping over me, so much that i had to stop my eye lids from fluttering shut. Mr. George suddenly got up, tearing me from my cosiness. ‘What are you doing’? I asked. He walked over to the kitchen and opened a cupboard.

'Getting something to drink' was the faint reply from the kitchen. He returned with two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. 'You can only have one though' He said as he sat down again. He poured the wine then handed a glass to me. I had never tried wine before but most people seamed to like it. I took a small sip, just to see what it was like. I screwed up my face as the acidic taste swirled over my tongue. Mr. George laughed as he drank his, the taste was normal to him.

After a few more sips it began to taste a lot nicer. The acidic taste now lighter. ‘Could i just have one more’, I asked, fluttering my eyelashes with a smile.

'Alright, just one more'! replied the teacher whilst he rolled his eyes. He poured the wine into my glass again, then when he'd finished one glass he added more to his.

3 glasses of wine later and i was feeling woozy. I tried to stand up but almost fell back onto the sofa. I laughed as Mr. George shot up. ‘Oh my god you’re drunk’. He said, helping me to balance.

'I'mm fine', I slurred slightly.

'No. You need to lie down for a bit and sober up. You can't get a hangover tomorrow, you've got school'. He ordered.

'Alright, Alright! Keeep your hair onn', I giggled whilst he got a blanket. He laid it over me as i lay across the sofa. I slept for a few hours, in a dreamless nap. When i woke up it was almost dark outside, the room lit by only a small lamp.

'You're finally awake', Mr. George laughed 'How you feelin”?

'I'm alright.. It was your fault for getting the wine out' I joked. I walked over to him. He laughed then a seductive smirk appeared on his face. 'We should go upstairs' He whispered before biting his lip.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, my lips pushing against his, softly at first. His arms ran down my sides. The teacher moaned into the kiss, both our bodies pushed against each other. His tongue brushed past mine then across my teeth, searching around my mouth. Mine did the same, the taste of wine still on his tongue.

He picked me up, my legs wrapped around his waist as he rushed us both upstairs and to his room, bashing the door open with his arm. He kissed down my neck and to my collar bone making me moan breathlessly. He threw me onto the bed, his strong hands pushing me down, kissing me all over.

'Time to take off this uniform'…


Part 3 soon..

2 years ago on 13 April 2012 @ 3:30pm 1 note
you need to buy me new panties, omg

2 years ago on 10 April 2012 @ 12:44am 1 note
will you update tonight? you need to write more this is so addictivexx!

Not tonight sorry, I won’t be on my laptop till Wednesday :( and thanks! xx

2 years ago on 9 April 2012 @ 1:43pm
When you updating? LOVE THIS FANFIC!

Very soon! I won’t leave it too long because i’ll be carrying on from where I left, and thank you! x

2 years ago on 7 April 2012 @ 8:34pm
Love Love Love Your fanfic(': xoxo

Thank you so much :) xx

2 years ago on 7 April 2012 @ 8:29pm
This is the hottest thing ever, my total fantasy :)

~*sexually frustrated fangirls 4 lyf*~

2 years ago on 7 April 2012 @ 5:34pm

Hahaa :’) thank you! xx

2 years ago on 7 April 2012 @ 5:12pm

Mr. George

*Lucy’s Point of View*

Me and Mr. George hadn’t even kissed once since what happened a few weeks ago. The boy that caught us had kept quiet but we were still paranoid that someone might catch us out again. When we’re in his classroom we wait for everyone to leave so i can just have a quick hug from him. Just a hug.

His arms wrap around me tightly, my head just under his chin and it’s like a reassurance that he’ll always be there and i don’t have to worry. That nothing can stop us. 

After dinner i made my way down the corridors on my own. There were only few students scattered along them including one couple kissing. Her arms wrapped around his neck, all eyes shut and there mouths moving together in perfect rhythm. I hurried along and it hit me just how much i missed kissing Mr. George like that. How much i missed that feeling of pure lust everytime our lips touched.

Where was i going? I asked myself as i reached the end of the corridor. Oh. The library. As i made my way down the short staircase i saw a figure approach so i moved to one side for him to pass.

The figure came into sight and panic flooded me. It was the boy that caught me and Mr. George. He stopped still right in front of me, a smirk going on his lips. ‘You’ve been busy havn’t you’. He mocked. I kept silent. He was the same age as me but he could easily knock me out and i was defenceless.

'Disgusting slut'. The boy spat, grabbing both sides of my face with his hand. His fingers dug into my cheeks making me whimper in pain. 'Why don't you just fuck all the teachers to get a good grade'? His face edged closer to mine as a vile grin crept onto his face.

'Oi. Get off her'! A male voice shouted from the top of the stair. I instantly recognised his Manchester accent. Mr. George. The boy ran off out of sight without a single word.I let out a shaky breath of relief. The teacher hurried over to me. He cupped my face softly, running his thumb over the red marks on my face. 'Are you alright'? he asked, concern thick in his voice. 'Yeah yeah, i'm-i'm fine'. My hands were shaking slightly

He kissed my lips sweetly, worry still in his eyes. ‘You can stay at mine tonight. I can’t let you walk home in case that nut case follows you and i can’t risk dropping you off at yours. Your parents might get suspicious’. I smiled gently. The warm feeling at the pit of my stomach that i got around the teacher returned. I’d missed it so much..


Will continue soon..

2 years ago on 7 April 2012 @ 3:59pm 1 note